Part 1: Sharpening The Rod                                     

1:     Behind The Glitters
2:     Calibrating The Compass
3:     Looking Back To See Ahead
4:     Take Your Shoes, Let’s Go                                       

Part 2: Stoking the Furnace

5:     For Profit and Purpose
6:     Of Pain and Pleasure
7:     The Seeds, The Sower And The Soils                      

Part 3: In the Crucible                                             

8:     Project 471: When I Was Wrong
9:     The Teacher Who Supplied Firewood
10:   The Power of Many
11:   When Passion, Skills And Experience Met
12:   Of School Holidays, “Stupid Eggs” And Elusive Butterflies                                                      

Part 4: Lessons from Self and Others                      

13:   “Go Use It”
14:   “You Were Too Calm”
15:   Hurry Slowly
16: When To Extract That Tooth
17: What I Learnt From Judith And Joe                            

Part 5: From Being to Becoming                             

18: The Birds, The Bumps And The Bends
19: Running From My Shadow
20: No Longer A Slave…
21: Flashes Of Wisdom                                                     

Part 6: Need Some Help? ... Don’t We All?              

The OIRA Template: A Glimpse into the *self study guide
Skills and Competency Assessment: Components of a *training manual      

WITHIN AN EARSHOT...