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Policy, Strategy and Governance

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  • The mission statements vary, but most universities have included the words “enterprise,” “entrepreneurship,” “innovation,” “extension,” “community outreach” in their mission statements. While the actual wording will differ, the critical issue is whether the university recognizes the knowledge/technology transfer, community engagement, support for innovation and application of its research and raising revenue (e.g., through commercialization) in its mission/vision statements. This inclusion of the third mission in the mission/vision statements is an essential indication of the high-level and long-term commitment to the third mission.
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  • While many universities already have their mission/vision statements proclaim their commitment to the third mission, translating that into programs and embedding it into the activities of faculties and departments remains a challenge. Including the third mission activities into a strategic plan with clearly spelled out indicators for its achievement demonstrates that the university will take it into account at both administrative and financial/budgetary levels.
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  • Translating the third mission activities into an action/activity plan complete with organizational and administrative arrangements ensures that practical implementation can be tracked.
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