This book is conceived as both a motivational and guide book. It is intended to provide lessons from real life, practical experiences derived from my journey in education, training/education, formal employment, business and social life. It casts a reflection over a 40 year period and distils key moments of formation (early childhood, skills/character development and the role of culture/society in shaping our ingenuity and creativity);

it then focuses on the transformation (from training in natural sciences to social sciences; from formal/salaried employment to self-employment/business and other entrepreneurial pursuits) and the lessons from actual business/entrepreneurial pursuits (including a failed business venture in the chaotic public transport sector in Kenya; how I built a continental Youth Network on Science and Technology; my experiences/lessons in building a reputable Policy think-tank: the Scinnovent centre amongst other examples). Key amongst all these are the lessons learnt along the way and how they apply to our readers. The lessons are fashioned as “food for thought” and engages the reader to help them distil lessons and find their applicability in their own lives and daily struggles.

The book offers a unique blend of the personal with the technical and appeals to the mind, soul and spirit of the reader with examples drawn in real life experiences, a socio-cultural setting and laced, where appropriate, with biblical examples. All this weaved together around the key question that runs throughout the book: Can innovation and entrepreneurship be nurtured at scale and how might we go about doing that?

The presentation and style balances the sharing experiences through stories; critical reflection and analyses of their meaning in the context of innovation, entrepreneurship and development.

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